Merger and Acquisition Search

Acquisition Target Search

When your strategic objectives for the merger or acquisition project are defined (such as market share or new technology), we assist you in translating these objectives into specific criteria that will be used to identify potential targets.

Many companies often approach the acquisition or merger process in the wrong order. Instead of identifying their needs and finding corresponding targets, they simply identify a seemingly interesting company without truly understanding how it aligns with their existing corporate strategy.

However, we take a different approach. When a potentially attractive opportunity arises, we provide comprehensive analysis to ensure that the target company aligns with your overall strategic objectives. By identifying the specific criteria for the target, we conduct an extensive search using a combination of external and internal information to locate potential targets. These targets could include entire companies or specific business divisions. Our research is conducted internally and with utmost discretion, ensuring confidentiality throughout the process. Our objective is to assist you in making informed decisions regarding which opportunities to pursue.

Target Approach

Our business sourcing approach is dual, proactive, and reactive. We actively search for potential targets in the market and present them to you with complete confidentiality. We establish and nurture relationships with financial investors, intermediaries, administrators, and company executives. Through these connections, we seek out suitable parties and establish a structured contact program.

By collaborating closely with you, we gain a thorough understanding of their capabilities, business criteria, and overall profile. This approach allows us to present you with well-matched and carefully vetted targets, maximizing the chances of a successful acquisition or merger.

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