Post Acquisition Assessment

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The Assessment Phase from our integrated M&A Management framework concentrates on implementing a post-merger / acquisition review to evaluate the success of the transaction.

Performance Measurement

We assist your company in retrieving regular feedback from the organisation’s stakeholders and examines an entire company.

Our aim is to determine first goals from stakeholder’s requirements, then to set key performance indicators and targets linked to those goals.

In a merger and acquisition scenario, the benefits that your integrated enterprise can achieve through an effective performance measurement system are linked to:

  • Strategy implemented
  • Timeliness and quality of services rendered to customers
  • Improvement of processes
  • Cost reduction
  • Management of potential problems during the integration process
Post M&A Review

The purpose of the post acquisition assessment is to measure the extent to which initial expectations and objectives were met.

Our review includes an evaluation of several aspects of the transaction, namely:

  • Investment cost
  • Post transaction value of target
  • Synergies
  • Investor communication
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