Post Merger Integration

Our M&A management framework focuses on 4 several projects, to make integration a success.

post merger integration, culture, human resources, processes, IT systems, organisation, acquisition

This phase covers the detailed assessment of the current state and planned future vision of the merged entity, besides the development and implementation of a migration plan, to achieve the fully integrated objective.

Culture and Human Resources

Cultural integration is an explicit process which must take place, when distinctive cultures come into direct contact. 

Each entity brings its own history, values, methods, attitudes but also assumptions to an aggregation transaction.

These discrepancies create even more complexity and uncertainty than other forms of organisational change, yet share some similarities.

We collaborate with you to define and execute a cultural integration strategy, that is tailored to both organisations and aligned with the business drivers for the overall combination.


Assuming that post merger integration planning activities were accomplished and well-documented, the organisation should be able to start this phase right after the deal has closed.

LJ Advisory supports your company in coordinating merger / acquisition integration and its integration team accountable for executing the post acquisition integration master plan.

We facilitate the integration team members’ work, developing more detailed functional work plans, updating /finalising project work plans and schedules and meeting and / or discussing frequently during the first few weeks after close.

Information Systems

LJ Advisory assists you in reviewing the systems architectures of the separate companies and developing a future architecture for the combined entity, along with a roadmap for migration from current to future states.

Our review will enable the elaboration of a future architecture up to support and fulfil the information requirements drawn from the M&A strategy.


We guide you through the process integration of both entities into one complete system, so long as the potential maximisation for realising synergies, and supporting and fulfilling the requisites and goals of your M&A strategy.

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